* Feasibility Study, Detailed Design of 4-Laning of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway Project 196Km. [about 200 culverts & a large numbers of small bridges, 6 nos. pre-stessed large bridges and 3 nos. fly-over under Roads and Highways Depertment, Ministry of Communication, Govt. of Bangladesh.

* DSM Consultancy Services for Cleain Air Sustainable Environment (CASE) Project under Dhaka City Corporation,
This project consist of Construction of Urban road, Foot Path, Surfaice Drain, Footover Bridge, Improvement of
intersections, Traffic Signaling etc. Funded by IDA

* DSM Consultancy Services for Construction of 4-lane Urban road over RCC Box-Culvert Drain. (3-km) under Dhaka City Corporation Funded by IDA.

• Design Review for Construction of 1490.0 Meter, Teesta Bridge over River- Teesta, (Span= 40 m) Under LGED, funded by SFD.
• Design & Construction Supervision of 1. km-Flyover under LGED at Dhaka.
• Design & Supervision of 22-Nos. Pre-stressed concrete Bridge (Length-50m to 450m) under LGED.
• Construction of 4km. Approach Road (including Earth work in road embankment, sub-base, base and Carpeting etc.) & 2 Nos. R.C.C Jetty of (i) Length 625ft & (ii) Length 315ft, Financed by Saudi Fund for Development (SFD).
• Construction Rural Road (1000 Km.)